Paulina’s Final Peer Feedback Presentation Reflection

During our final class, my partner and I had received peer feedback on our third artifact and our final project presentation, both of which were PowerPoint presentations. After showing the third artifact, which was on different techniques, strategies, and implementation methods of differentiated instruction, our peers had mentioned that the entire presentation was cohesive due to the color scheme and the fonts used. When creating this presentation, my partner and I decided on a more subtle color scheme, so we went with black, white, blue, green, and purple in order to have a more cool tone to the presentation. We had a few occasional pops of color, but it was not drastic enough that it was an eye sore and took away from the presentation.

In addition, our peers liked the general flow of the presentation and the variety within the slide designs. Some were just pictures, others were quotes, and some were a mix between the two. This choice was made in order to add interest to the slides and to keep the viewers’ attention. The images used on the slides were all high quality, intriguing, and tied in with the subject of each slide. Other than the quotes, text was limited to keep the viewers’ attention on the presenters. Because my partner and I used high quality images, the file size for the presentation was very large, making it difficult to share via email. Some suggestions on how to fix this problem included posting the presentation on Slideshare, converting the presentation to a PDF, or compressing the images in PowerPoint to make them smaller, thereby making the overall file size smaller.

After viewing the PowerPoint for the final project presentation, similar comments were made regarding the general look, style, and flow of the presentation. It was much shorter in terms of slides and some of the slides had been repeated/recycled from the third artifact. Our peers had said this was a good idea, especially since they liked those slides. Overall, the final presentation was said to look concise, professional, and clean. The fonts that were used were basic fonts that would be a stock font on every computer, thereby not running the risk of being altered on a different operating system or computer.

When discussing the presentation in general, my partner and I had mentioned wanting to show our Powtoon video, which is our second artifact, at the end of the presentation if time permits. Our peers had said this was a great idea because they enjoyed our video and thought it was short enough to be able to include within the presentation. Lastly, a final suggestion was to back up the presentation, especially since there have been instances in the past with files being deleted and with computers not wanting to work. Overall, my partner and I are excited about our final presentation and our end product and cannot wait to present it!


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