About Us

Welcome! Our names are Paulina Naslonski and Tara Wager, and we are the creators of this website. We are currently in our final semester at Seton Hall University, where we are attaining our Master’s Degrees in Special Education with a concentration in Instructional Design and Technology. This website is dedicated to our Capstone project, where we have designed professional development for an organization of our choosing.

Upon graduating with our Bachelor’s Degrees in 2015 at Seton Hall University (SHU) in Secondary Education and Mathematics, we became graduate assistants at SHU for the Mathematics department. Part of our job as being graduate assistants is teaching Developmental Mathematics, which is a course for students who did not pass the Mathematics Placement Exam. Students placed in this class typically lack the skill set needed for the mathematics classes required for their prospective programs. It is our job to prepare these students such that they will excel in their future classes, as we teach mainly freshmen and sophomores.

In our experiences and discussions with other Developmental Mathematics instructors, we have witnessed a wide variation of students; this includes students who have been misplaced in this class versus students who lack the basic fundamentals of numbers, operations, and general mathematical concepts. With our secondary education training, we saw the definite need for differentiated instruction, but not many college instructors have the education background necessary to understand and implement this technique. It is for this reason that we have decided to design a workshop on implementing differentiated instruction specifically for this class. In order for every instructor to serve every student, the different abilities must be addressed: some students needs to be challenged, while other need constant guidance. We are looking for educators to embark on this mindset journey with us!