Needs Assessment

The Developmental Mathematics Program at Seton Hall University seeks to educate students who need to strengthen their foundation in basic mathematical skills. These students are placed in this program due to low SAT scores and failure of the Mathematics Placement Exam. The Developmental Mathematics Program understands that each student comes in with a different range of abilities, but it strives to look at them holistically as individual college students making the transition from high school to college. Within each Developmental Mathematics classroom, there is a wide range of abilities for an assortment of reasons. Some students failed to take the Placement Exam seriously, while others simply lack the math skill set expected for their selected majors. The goal of the Developmental Mathematics Program is to prepare students, regardless of their incoming skill set, such that they have the resources, knowledge, and abilities to excel in their required future math courses and career paths. The Needs Assessment completed gained insight from the different Developmental Mathematics instructors responsible for teaching the course via Google Survey and Face to Face interviews.